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How did you manage to get App enough downloads?

 How did you manage to get enough downloads?
 How did you manage to get enough downloads?

There are a lot of root checking apps on play store. Although my app was better than most such apps in the category and gave the most accurate information, introducing users to the app was a major challenge. Below are the growth hacks/tricks that I used to get downloads -
  • Optimise the title & description for the most high traffic keywords. We call this App Store Optimisation (ASO). 
 ASO has to be the starting point for an app and that’s because each user’s journey will start when they go there to download your app. This is your conversion point and the better your ASO the higher your app will rank. Main aspects:
  1. Research your customer - So many people just dive in and often they miss the mark. That’s because they create the language/imagery for themselves and not their customer. All you have to do is a quick bit of research: profile the customer, his/her likes and dislikes. Make sure that everything you put in the store is optimised to them.
  2. App name - Make sure you highlight 1 or 2 of your most important keywords in the app name. Research shows that on average apps rank 10% higher compared to those that don’t.
  3. Keywords - Work out what your customers search for and make sure you include these keywords. Apple has a 100 character section, make sure you fill all 100 characters. Google operates more like a website: you add your keywords inside the description and a bot will scan the text.
  4. Branding - Make sure you have a good looking app icon as its the place to make the best first impression.
  5. Content - Create engaging content: a compelling description, good looking screenshots with explainer info and if possible a video.
  6. Positive reviews - Possibly the most important, the more positive reviews you have the higher your app will rank.
  7. Regular updates - One often overlooked factor is ensuring your app is updated regularly. It shows to Apple and Google your app is supported and will get you higher than those apps that aren’t touched for a year.

  • Requesting my friends, family members for initial downloads and to get ratings. This helped generating initial traffic that further helps ASO

  • I identified and targeted groups of people on Facebook & Google+ who were interested in Android, Android Rooting, etc. I was helping people who were struggling to root their devices and then suggested them to try my app. This really helped.

  • Posting the app to some basic app review sites such as AppHunt. People liked the app instantly after downloading it once.
And, that’s it, with these tricks, my daily downloads were gradually increasing. It scaled from 10–20 downloads/day to 300+ downloads/day today without any paid marketing. I hope this help.

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