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How To Improve Daily Active Users For App

How To Improve Daily Active Users For App?
How To Improve Daily Active Users For App
How To Improve Daily Active Users For App


In this vein, you should first try to self-promote your social app (I personally strongly dislike the term app, but I'll go along with it). For this, your first bet is to write to the editors of the social media telling them about your app and inviting them to write a few words about it.

Likewise you should bare your app name and web address as if it was a part of your name. It should come along as your personal signature on all types of internet forums (web, irc, usenet, wherever you go, it goes with you). You should scavenge the internet for forums were people talk about these things and introduce there your app.

Do not spam! You will kill your app chances before you know it. Any semi-sophisticated user will smell spam a dozen miles away. And as soon as you misbehave in your attempt to promote your app, you will grow an intense feeling of rejection on someone or a group of someones. Very few things in the internet are hated more than spam. Be careful. Promote, don't spam. Be patient, don't rush it.


What if you have been doing that for a while and nothing comes out of it? You app is still largely underused. Well, it should become clear to you at this point that your app isn't of any use for a large number of people. It is time you reevaluate the app itself, not your promotion strategies.

Try to understand from your current user base, what are the things they would like to have in the app (you should really be doing this since the beginning) and try also to think for yourself of other ways you can improve your app. Ideally, but not necessarily, you should try and come up with new methods and processes in your app that no one has come with yet. Be innovative if you can, but don't stress that aspect if you can't figure it out.

Improve your app as much as you can from feedback and your own thoughts and ideas. Then, go for the second round of self-promotion above.

Understanding the Rules 

No. This isn't about your user base. It is about you and your app. Be a smart member of the market rules. You and your business are a part of the market. If all your efforts have produced no results, understand that you don't have a product.

It's not the end of the world. It is not a drama. You simply don't have a product or the ability to create a product in this type of market. Be intelligent and move on to other markets. Do not refuse yourself the chance to try over in another area. Your coding skills are a white canvas of possibilities in which you can paint all sorts of things, not just social apps

How do I increase the daily active user rate for my app?

How to increase daily active users? Segment all user tracking details like time since last visit, most popular features/content, and time of the day a user is most active, to know when users are most receptive, which increases your chances of engaging and retaining that user. Few nut bolts to help tighten your user retention : Push Notification : Having been in the forefront from the list of conventional methods to deliver a message throughout to intended audience.
App Deep Linking : Through deep links, bridge the gap between native URL schemes and web HTTP links. Link to a specific page, state or event within a native application.
Social Integration : Social media integration proves to be the best to involve users more with the application by proving interaction platform.
Feedback : Running a business over user preferences and choices is key to gain good momentum. Rating and review section yields fair estimates.
Product Iterations : Regular updates and features prompt excitement among loyal users and invoke audiences around to download your app under magnetic influence.
Hard work pays off but smart work could even bring laurels with long term insurance. Work upon the above segments of your app for better increased retention and user activity.

How do I increase daily active users on my app?

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